Color is one of the major decisions shoppers make when purchasing a product or forming an opinion about a service.

Emotional response to color has some degree of human hard-wiring, things as basic as the power of red to alert or the power of blue to calm our senses. Individual perceptions of color can influence feelings of trust, empathy, and many other deep rooted sensory responses. Color can be a deal breaker. If you ordered a new car in Midnight Blue Metallic and the car arrived with all the options you wanted except it is Red, would you accept it? Probably not, you would wait for the one you wanted. Color as a marketing tool reaches people in unexplainable ways, it is complex and simple at the same time. When used effectively color is a substantial advantage in marketing.

Color trend vs. Color longevity

Colors trend in popularity driven by fashion and interior home products, new colors drive sales for many consumable products. Fashionable colors wax and wane like the moon, once full it has nowhere to go but down in popularity. Remember the “teal” era of the early 1990’s?

Colors used in branding require a deeper more sustainable life span, tapping into the soul and promise of the company or product it needs to represent. Understanding that certain colors evoke subliminal emotional messages connecting brands to their intended audience can be an advantage towards the success or failure of a lasting, positive representation of what the brand is all about.

Today more than ever, fine tuning a color palette for the important job of communicating the brand consistently is very important! Investing in a style guide for your business is an essential cornerstone of any communications program. Including print, on-line, social media, apparel, signage, advertising, etc.

Brand colors that drift away from the original specification, diminishes the believability of the product on the shelf or the trust of a customer seeking comfort in knowing they are getting the same quality as they did before. Color does matter, make it work for you!

Are your company colors doing their job?