According to a HootSuite blog, Generation Z includes anyone who was born between 1995 and 2010. This represents about 26% of the population in the USA today.  Uniquely, Gen Z is the first generation that was raised on technology and social media. Using other forms of communication never enters their minds. And, they already have buying power. The oldest of them are in college, getting married, starting new jobs, and beginning families.

So what do we know about Gen Z that will help us develop marketing strategies that are effective in reaching and leveraging this group? One thing is clear, marketers will have to change their approach to content development and sharing significantly.

  1. Their attention span is limited. Researchers say that it can be as little as eight seconds, enough time to view photos, read a short sentence or phrase, and decide if a video is worth watching in its entirety.
  2. YouTube is the most popular social media platform among this generation. 84% prefer YouTube. If you don’t have a social video strategy, it’s time to develop one.
  3. Gen Z prefers Snapchat and Whisper over social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They are attracted to “disappearing” content and anonymous messaging.
  4. Brandwords vs. adwords will become the norm on platforms like these.
  5. More than 52% of Gen Z uses social media as a research and educational tool, and to collaborate with their classmates. So, what can your brand teach this generation?
  6. This generation is more entrepreneurial than virtually any other generation. 72% hope to own their own business, and of those, 76% hope their hobbies – things they do for fun – can become that business. The bottom line, they don’t want to settle for anything less than doing what they love full time.
  7. Perhaps most surprising is that 77% of US Gen Zers prefer shopping at brick-and-mortar retailers! Shopping is now a multi-channel experience that includes both online and in-store activity. And, between the initial interest and the purchase, there may be many touch points, including social media, apps, emails, an online store, and more, all leading to the physical store. Once in the store, Gen Z still expects to use their mobile devices to aid in the buying process.

There is no question that Get Z is the next big challenge and opportunity for marketers. And, if you think this impacts only consumer brand, think again. The implications for new and innovative marketing strategies across multiple and still evolving platforms; for online education; collaborative computing, and experiential shopping are far-reaching.

If you want to connect with Gen Z – or whoever your target is – having the right strategy is the foundation to success. GroupA2Z’s dynamic approach can put you on the right track, and help keep you there as our world continues to evolve.  There is no app for what we do.